Organization of Certified Tax Advisors FinEx Accounting Services LLC provides tax consulting and representation, tax and payroll accounting services within Republic of Uzbekistan.

Our Mission:

“Facilitating development and progress of Your business by providing high-quality accounting services!”

Our Goal:

“To make maximum efforts to satisfy client’s needs by providing high-quality services and increasing in this way efficiency of the client’s business”
Our main principles at work with a Client:

  • quality and professionalism
  • full responsibility
  • individual approach to demands
  • confidentiality
  • stability


Competent accounting is a guarantee of a stable development of Your business!

Recently more and more companies have assigned conducting accounting to outside organizations on the basis of outsourcing. According to Article 7 of Law “About Accounting” №279-1 from 30.08.1996 of the Republic of Uzbekistan a head of the organization has right to delegate on the basis of agreement conduction of accounting to a specialized accounting company. By delegating accounting functions, payroll accounting and HR records management to the company FinEx You can take all the following advantages of outsourcing:
  • decreasing of administrative expenses.You get a team of expert accountants for the same or lower sum which you would pay to the internal accountant.
  • decreasing overhead expenses. Such expenses start to occur the moment You hire an internal accountant for yourself- posting recruitment advertisements, payment to the agency for personnel selection. Further follow payroll tax burden (up to 70%), work place, computer, program software, trainings etc. By turning to our company You will considerably decrease all these expenses.
  • You completely concentrate on your business, instead of on preparation of various documents and reports.
  • reliable and up-to-date information. We regularly learn all amendments in legislation and bring to You all necessary information. In this way, the situation with out-of-date blanks and account forms is just impossible.
  • safety and confidentiality of data. All Your data and all information are in reliable hands. The paragraph concerning confidentiality of information is an integral part of the agreement on providing accounting services by our company.
  • continuous service. The company with an internal accountant can face different types of problems. For example, the accountant can become sick, take a vacation leave or just retire from the company without a notice. When You work with FinEx company You always get professional, reliable and timely services.
  The team of FinEx colleagues is formed of professional specialists holding professional certificates of international standards and having graduated from local and foreign colleges. The company’s specialists have long-term work experience at accounting department both at big and in small companies of different scopes of activity. On personnel selection the main criteria for us are the following:
  • professional skills,
  • ability to work in the team,
  • understanding of service,
  • orientation on result.
In our opinion, Our clients deserve only real specialists who are experts in their business. We constantly develop professionalism and knowledge of our colleagues. If you are interested in working at FinEx You can send us your resume on e-mail address: job@finex.uz. If at this moment we have proper vacancy for You our specialists will contact You.
The main value of our company is our Clients. Everything in our company: relations among partners, interactions within the company, social activity- is oriented on the main interest – the interest of the Client. The best reward for us is the success of our Clients. There are both local and foreign companies among our clients which work in different spheres of business with different forms of proprietorship. We are always ready to provide on your request recommendation letters from our clients.
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    Senior Accounting Expert

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