Accounting services


Nowadays outsourced accounting services are the most favorable supply at the professional services market.

Outsourcing of accounting has several advantages. You delegate to our company the function of accounting; we from our part take on responsibility for accounting. You concentrate your energy and time on development of Your business.

Having entrusted accounting of your business to experts, you stop worrying about accounting reports submitted untimely or not in full or with mistakes. You will be able to avoid fines and penalty fees related to violation of tax and accounting legislation.

When we provide accounting services we guaranty quality of our work and confidentiality of information, optimization of taxation, advocating results of our work before external (state bodies, investors, creditors etc.) and internal users.

Professional accounting services will enable you to get timely information on financial state of your organization for making management decisions and at necessity to get qualified consultation on accounting and tax issues. While providing accounting services our specialists strive to create all prerequisites for flourishing of your business.

Having contracted with us for accounting services, you will save money on salary of accounting staff, office space and other accompanying administrative expenses.

List of services is created upon consideration of necessities and requirements of a client.

Prices on accounting services are discussed individually with each client, since the main determinant of the price is a type of the company’s activity, volume of operations, cash documentation, number of employees in the company’s payroll, frequency of submission of accounting reports (quarterly or monthly), filing under different tax regimes (standard or simplified) etc.

We will be glad to answer all Your questions on the phone or face to face. Our office works from 9 am till 18 pm; at an advance arrangement meetings at week-ends or at any convenient for the client time are also possible.